We specialize in bringing fully-customized wine tastings from around the world into private homes, businesses, and special venues. Our goal is to introduce you to your new favorite wine; whether it is a familiar region, a rare varietal, or a cult wine you have been trying to find.

Based on your palette, current wine preferences, unique tastes, and hosting desires, we craft a selection to find the best wines for you and your guests.


Parties are focused on groups of 6 to 12 and are hosted in private homes, businesses, and venues. Curious? Reach out at any time, we are here to help.


Cellar & Table Tastings: Our passion lies at the table, where private tastings are brought to you. Customizable tastings are held in private homes in California, and wines are thoughtfully curated for each seating. Please see our calendar for more information.


The Wine Club: Cellar and Table connects the right wines with the right people. Our private wine club is customizable and focuses on bringing the perfect wines to your home and your table. Join the waitlist.


Cellar Stocking: From Piedmont to Bordeaux, Stellenbosch to The Napa Valley, we can plan, procure, and execute your perfect cellar selection. Share your thoughts, passions, and curiosities with us, and we will find the right wines for you.


Concierge Services: If you are planning to travel to a wine destination of the world, Cellar and Table will coordinate your wine tastings, customized just for you.